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Keep Your Thermal Printer Printhead Healthy

2 October 2021
Learn more about how to keep your Thermal Printer Healthy

Why You Should Use Handheld TIJ Printer?

18 September 2021
The handheld inkjet printer is one example of a technological development….

Coding and Marking in Various Application

20 September 2021
EZJET coding and marking technologies print flexible materials…

Matte Vs Gloss Labels

30 September 2021
Learn more about Labels to know which one is suitable for your product…

Why you should use EZINK Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge

03 June 2021
Learn more about EZINK Thermal Inkjet Cartridge which provides porous and….

Handling & Troubleshooting Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge

15 July 2021
A guide to help you maintaining your TIJ cartridge in good working condition….

Thermal Inkjet on Food Packaging

22 August 2021
Thermal Inkjet printers are ideal for the demands of the food packaging industry….

Paper Label & Film Label

22 March 2021
What’s the difference between these materials and how it affect printing…

Choosing the Correct Thermal Transfer Ribbon

20 April 2021
Thermal barcode printers uses thermal transfer ribbon to tranfer the ink onto the label….

Thermal Inkjet(TIJ) VS Continuous Inkjet(CIJ)

24 May 2021
TIJ printer will solve many of the maintenance issues associated with CIJ….