Prime Performance Wax Resin Barcode Ribbon
►Prints on an extensive variety of substrates expanding application options ►Prints at high speeds (up to 12 IPS) ►Excellent abrasion and solvent resistant ►Halogen-free ►Anti-static for easy handling ►High performance backcoat protects the print head ►Unbeatable edge definition for dark, dense images and improved scanrates
TR6080Plus Barcode Ribbon is a versatile and durable wax/resin that is designed to print dark, dense bar codes on a broadrange of label stocks. TR6080Plus provides excellent abrasion and solvent resistance, especially underextreme environmental conditions. This ribbon is ideal for printing on coated and uncoated papertags/labels, glossy print media, and film. TR6080P is formulated with DNP’s backcoat technology for printheadprotection, and DNP’s exclusive anti-static properties for easier handling.
Ribbon Properties
Ink : Wax Resin Colour : Black Total thickness: 7.1 ± 1.0μ Base film thickness: 4.5 ± 0.4μ
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Technical Datasheet

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