Article > 3 June 2021

Why you should change to EZINK Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge

Special inkjet ink formulated to print durable images variety of substrates such as plastic films, flat packaging, label stock, plastic, and foil.
EZINK Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge has the latest HP inkjet technology to provide more efficient ink transfer, longer print distance, and more durable printing on all surfaces. This article will explain why you should try using our superior EZINK Cartridge.
1. Highly Durable on All Surfaces
EZINK Water-Based Ink Formulation
EZINK Betta is our newly formulated Water-based inkjet ink perfect for porous and semi porous surfaces for dark and durable printing. It also has longer de-cap time and longer storage life compare any other ordinary cartridge in the market.
EZINK Solvent-Based Ink Formulation
EZINK Alpha, Kappa, and Delta is our special formulated Solvent-based inkjet ink perfect for non porous surfaces for sharp and ultra durable printing on tough shiny surfaces. Its currently able to withstand high smudge and heat applications, which is tough for other cartridge in the market to handle.
2. Different Nozzle Size For Larger Images
EZINK Half-inch Cartridge

– The 42ml ink cartridge
– Print head that can print up to 12.7mm tall.
– 600 Dpi printing resolution perfect for sharp and dark images.

EZINK One-inch Cartridge

– The 72ml ink cartridge
– Print head that can print up to 25.4mm in height.
– 300 Dpi printing resolution for dark and solid images

3. HP Genuine Cartridge

EZINK Genuine HP Ink cartridge is a pinhole type dual-nozzle ink cartridge with a fairly accurate nozzle, an encrypted chip on the bottom of the ink cartridge, manufacturing batch number, and serial number.

Counterfeit Ink cartridges include rough nozzles, no encrypted chip at the bottom, and no manufacturing batch numbers, or serial numbers.

Watch Our EZJET TIJ Printer in action: