Article > 15 July 2021

Handling & Troubleshooting Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge

Guide on how to properly handle and troubleshoot Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Cartridge
Thermal Inkjet Cartridge are the main consumables for Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printer in order to operate. These cartridge should be handled and stored accordingly to ensure no clogging and damage happen on the printhead.

This article will be providing you with sufficient guide to ensure your cartridge and printers stays efficient and free of problem.

1. General Handling Guide
  • Clean the print nozzle first before use
  • The ink cartridge must be covered using plastic cover provided when not in use to prevent ink clogging & blocking the nozzle.
  • You must switch off the printer or stop printing before connecting or reconnecting the ink cartridges
  • Ink cartridge nozzles should not be touched by moisture or corrosive substances. Clean the nozzle with just lint-free cloth or alcohol swab
  • Ink cartridges must be kept cold and dry, away from heat and flames. Temperature range: -10°C to 45°C.
2. Troubleshooting Print Quality
Case 1: The printing is blurry. This is because the nozzle is dirty during use. Just wipe the nozzle with a soft tissue.

Case 2: The ink wont come out. This could be caused by ink cartridge has not been covered for a long time when not in used. Try to wrap the nozzle of the ink cartridge with a paper towel and shake the nozzle down several times to clear the ink cartridge.

Case 3: First printing are blurred. This is because the nozzle starting to heat up, just continue printing

Case 4: No printing at all. This maybe due to the cartridge not inserted properly, please stop printing and check reinsert the cartridge properly.

3. Precaution
  • Do not squeeze, hit, shake or drop the ink cartridge.
  • Do not peel open the IC Chip attached on the cartridge
  • Any direct exposure to the ink on the eyes or any sensitive part of body should seek medical attention
  • The ink cartridges are consumables with no warranty or return; please handle them with care and use them immediately upon packaging.

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