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Chemical drums may carry everything from caustic liquids to inert powders. The labels and TTR printing must withstand all kinds of environmental conditions associated with storage, transportation and usage. From resisting extreme high/low temperatures, to intense abrasion, to withstanding harsh solvents sometimes repeatedly, a highly durable ribbon & label combination is needed for these types of applications.

We carry a wide range of ribbons suited for printing mandatory GHS labels (colour options) as well as common standard drum labels, canister labels, etc.

Substrates Ribbons
Synthetic paper
R300 – General Purpose Resin
R510HF – Ultra Durable Resin

R550 – Extreme Durable Resin

TR4070 – Classic Resin

R390 – Near Edge Resin
R510C – Durable Color Resin
VR301 – Durable Metallic Color Resin

We are pleased to confirm that all our S&K supplied thermal transfer materials comply to the prevailing EU standards for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS), WEEE as well as other global regulations such as CE/UL/CSA/JIS for environmental safety and protection.

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