Article > 24 May 2021

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) vs Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers

We going to help you choosing the right inkjet printer to fit your production needs
Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers have been used for many years for consumer and industrial product coding applications. They print small character text, logos, and bar codes on a variety of products from food and beverage containers to lumber and pipe. But there are many inherent complexities and costs in using CIJ printers, many of which are explained below.

A newer way of accomplishing small character printing is with EZJET thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers. TIJ printers use replaceable ink jet cartridges similar to those used in desktop office printers, but they’ve been modified for use on a production line. Specialized inks are available for printing on metals, plastics, fabrics, and wood. EZJET TIJ printer will solve many of the maintenance issues associated with CIJ printers.

Simple Comparison


Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)

Continous Inkjet (CIJ)

Print Resolution

TIJ prints in high resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi

CIJ prints a low-resolution dot pattern.

Print Speed

TIJ can be used for very fast applications.

CIJ can be used for very fast applications.

Throw Distance

TIJ printhead must be close to the product – within a few millimeters and relatively flat

The CIJ printhead can be placed farther away from the product.


TIJ printheads create very little mess. When minor cleanup is needed, a mild, diluted, alcohol-based cleaning solution is used.

The floor beneath a CIJ printing station is typically coated with ink over time. Cleanup requires harsh solvents requiring ventilation for operator safety.

Recovery from Downtime

TIJ has little downtime because there are few moving parts. A new printhead is introduced with each cartridge.

When CIJ printers go down, they go down hard. Often a service technician must be called in.

System Modularity

TIJ systems are modular so all components can be swapped out individually if necessary. There is no expensive umbilical – just a printhead cable that quickly disconnects.

CIJ printers are closed-loop systems. When something goes wrong, the entire printer must be removed for service. Components are thus difficult and expensive to repair or replace

Service Contract

TIJ printers would never warrant a service contract. There are few moving parts and the cartridges are disposable.

CIJ printers usually require a monthly service contract because of expected downtime and the complexity of the system.


TIJ printers comes with drastically lower cost due to simple printer components, training & maintainance are not required

CIJ printers comes with expensive investment due to complex printer components, training & maintainance  are required

Why you should change to TIJ?


No Down-Time

Low Equipment Cost

No Service Contract

No Make-up Fluid

No Hazardous Disposal

Watch Our EZJET TIJ Printer in action: