Classic Near Edge Resin TTO Ribbon
►Extremely fast print speeds up to 26IPS (660mm per second)
►Perfect for prime retail flexible packages
►Remarkable image density
►Unbeatable Edge Definition™ for dark, dense images and improved scan rates
►Anti-static for easy handling and extended print head life
►Specially formulated backcoating for print head protection
SK42424 TTO Ribbon is high performance of near edge ribbon for the flexible packaging industry! This high performance ribbon provides excellent printing quality, high scratch and smudge resistance, and a good in abrasion resistance. SK42424 boasts print speed up to 26 IPS (660mm per second) making it extremely desirable for high-speed flexible packaging applications. SK42424 also outperforms the competition in adherence of the ink to a variety of substrates resulting in remarkable durability and amazing image density that creates crisp, black images. SK42424 is a viable solution to application for an assortment of flexible packaging applications including snack foods, beverages, produce, healthcare, parts packaging, and cosmetics.
Ribbon Properties
Ink : Resin
Colour : Black
Polyester Film Thickness : 4.0 microns
Ink Coating weight : 1.4 ± 0.40g/m2
Heat Resist Coating weight : 0.06 ± 0.04g/m
Ink Melting Point : 80~90°C (176~194°F)
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