Non-Porous Ink TIJ
Non-Porous Ink TIJ Cartridge
►Extra dark & sharp print on film substrates.
►Excellent light fastness, water and heat resistance.
►No need for a heater to dry the ink
►Highly reliable “Genuine” HP manufactured cartridge
Evolutionary new ink, R5 TIJ Cartridge is now capable to print on OPP and other films, those cannot be printed by conventional ink formulation R5 achieved fast dry without heater, long De- cap time*, and easier maintenance for printing on non-porous substrates. In addition regular semi porous, non-porous substrates, R5 is now printed on OPP, PET, Nylon, UV Laminated papers, those cannot be printed by current existing inks. We also improved light fastness, water and heat resistance to respond to various market needs. Fast dry ink R5 enable small printers having no space to equip heater to print on films and other non-porous substrates.
Ribbon Properties
Cartridge : 45Si
Color : Black
Ink Type : Solvent Ink
De-cap time: 1 hour (normal condition)
Shelf Life : 6 month from fill date
Heater Requirements : Air dry
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