Non-Porous Ink TIJ
Non-Porous Ink TIJ Cartridge
►Heatless Ink able to print on a wider range of materials
►Excellent light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance
►No need for a heater to dry the ink
►Highly reliable “Genuine” HP manufactured cartridge
Heatless Ink II R3 TIJ Cartridge can print on non-porous materials without the use of a heater. R3 new ink is ideal for printing on packing! Printing on a wider range of materials. As well as semi-porous materials, this ink can print on non-porous materials (blister foils, oriented Nylon, varnish overcoats, clay-coated materials, aqueous acrylic resin coatings,polyesters etc.). Better light-fastness, water resistance and hear resistance than our previous inks. It is now possible to print on previously unprintable materials.
Ribbon Properties
Cartridge : 45A
Color : Black
Ink Type : Solvent Ink
Shelf Life : One year from fill date
Heater Requirements : Air dry
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