Xtra Long Print Distance – 12mm
►LCD touch screen
►Cortex A9 quad core CPU
►Built in SD card
►600 DPI High Resolution Printing

EZJET Model Z1d Inkjet Printer is a new kind of machine with 1 one-inch printhead, high definition display screen and high precision capacitive touch screen. System firmware can be upgraded remotely. It can print deformable barcode/ QR code/ text. Model Z1d online inkjet printing machine embedded linux operation system. The inkjet coding machine can print online automatically with a sensor. Support 180 degrees direction printing.

Model: Z1d
Cartridge: 1 x one-inch cartridge
Print height: 2mm – 12.7mm
Print distance: 1mm – 12mm
Print length: 2000 character per message (no limit)
Print speed: 80m/min

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